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SWEPA Objectives

  • To foster goodwill and to establish relationship among business and professional women.
  • To work together with the Federal Government, State Government and public enterprises in achieving national development.
  • To comment/review on certain laws, ordinances, statues and enactments which ave an impact and relevance with the members’ business and profession.
  • To affiliate and co-operate with other bodies/agencies in Sabah, and other parts of Malaysia which may have similar objectives. To affiliate also with international bodies that have similar goals and objectives.
  • To provide and/or assist members to obtain professional knowledge, training and services in their various businesses and professional fields.
  • To represent its members at various government authorities and bodies/agencies.
  • To collect, integrate and disseminate data, statistics and other information that has relation with the business and professions of the members.
  • To act as adviser to potential and existing businesswomen.
  • To promote the interest of members, the Association may acquire, sell or lease any property and to invest either solely or jointly in business and to carry out charity and welfare activities.
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