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Past Presidents

Founder & President (1993-1998, 2003-2005)

President (1998-2000)

“When the Economic Comittee of the Sabah Women’s Advisory Council established SWEPA in 1993, the vision was to bring women entrepreneurs and professionals to the forefront in the economic development of the state and nation, with the mission to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs and professionals to network and to be trained. The objectives were to establish relationship among business & professional women; work with the Government to achieve national development, especially on laws of businesses and professionals; affiliate with local, national and international organizations with similar goals and objectives; provide training and advice to potential and existing business women.

After 20 years of its existence, SWEPA has been fulfilling its objectives, and has also supported several charitable organizations. From a membership of 25, SWEPA now has a membership of 160. It has also established a Women Toastmasters Club where many members have graduated. Being an apolitical organization, SWEPA enjoys the confidence of the Public and Private Sectors, and the women of Sabah, as well as National women’s organizations, receiving support from them. SWEPA is looking into new directions to further enhance its vision and objectives.”

President (2000-2001)

“I have a most enjoyable year with SWEPA with a very capable team of committee and tremendous support by the members. Our main objective for my 2000-2001 team was to get back to basic and strengthen the unity among members. We did it together by having activities that relate to our needs as business person and entrepreneurs. But it is not about serious matter alone, we have fun and laughter together which make us stand united. Today, I want to celebrate the 20th birthday of SWEPA and wishing many 20 years to come. I know many women will benefit being a member as much as I have benefited – so to SWEPA, I am proud to be associated with you!”

President (2001-2003)

“SWEPA has been in existence for 20 years, and we are celebrating its achievements with a bang. Looking back, I am proud to be a part of SWEPA conception, delivery and growing process.

Recalling the past years, I do want to thank the 3 presidents before me for giving me the courage to lead SWEPA in 2001-2003. It was no doubt the most challenging year but it was also the most memorable journey for me.

The experience in keeping SWEPA constitution back on track with supportive, caring and good people was the most meaningful of my term. I have gained the value of friendship.

And best of all – is that, 20 years on, 20 years older, most of us are still very much in touch with each other. The networking and fellowship continues to this day.”

President (2005-2007)

“I take this opportunity to congratulate SWEPA for its 20th Anniversary. Greetings and a big thank you to all members. SWEPA today is because of your support and contribution. SWEPA was awarded the Best NGO, all events organised and trainings provided for the benefit of all members , these were possible because of members commitment. My deepest appreciate to everyone.

I am honour and proud to have served as your president for the years 2005-2007. I had a wonderful time working with a team of willing and committed committee. We did organised 2 events which were beneficial to all women, and these events were highlighted by Daily Express.

A charity event entitled ‘Quilt Show High Tea’ in aid of The Sabah Heard Fund was organised. This was possible with the help of some dedicated voluntary ladies and myself.

SWEPA is proud to have established the first all ladies Toastmasters Club in Malaysia.

SWEPA is an association that is active and truly live up to its vision and mission. It provides training and a platform for all women to network and expand her circle of contacts with women of different fields of professions and businesses.

In years to come, I hope SWEPA could reach out to all entrepreneurs and professional women throughout Sabah.

My best wishes to SWEPA.”

President (2007-2009)
Together We Reach Greater Heights

“It is with great fondness that I look back on the experience, and this anniversary event engendered some further reflections. My memory as SWEPA President would describe the scene has having ‘an unshakable commitment’ to finding opportunities to support and value add my Presidential life-journey and contribute to the SWEPA community. I had fun, stellar experience and I loved every minute of our activities, making history, making friends and a sense of finally knowing what it is like to be at the highest echelon of the Association. My Team had indeed distinguished themselves by becoming leaders. What we learned then was team work as the main principles of success. What we realized was the friendship, camaraderie, shared, intense experiences and continuous value of having a ready-made network of entrepreneurs and professionals who are working not just on SWEPA circle but outside SWEPA as well.”

President (2009-20011)
Love SWEPA, Grow Members, Give Back

“SWEPA means a lot to me. It has given me good friends, it has inspiring women whom we all can emulate and we feel like one big family! SWEPA is all about women helping women to grow their businesses and careers. SWEPA is fortunate to have a core group of dedicated members who are ever willing to serve the organization. It is on very solid ground because of the strong foundation laid by its Past Presidents and their team. Join SWEPA and see the benefits in your personal growth and in your contribution to women’s development. See yourself becoming more confident to organize projects, more accomplished after our training programmes and more exposed after our study tours to others countries. Once a SWEPA members, always a SWEPA member!”

President (2011-2013)
Be, Do, Have

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