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Hi there!

Do you have any special products/services or information that is interesting to the members at large?

If you do, kindly send me a brief profile and product description. Who knows? You might be featured as our next Speaker at BizNet.

Stay tuned!

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Wynnie Jong

РHead of BizNet Committee HP: 016-3222889

About Wynnie

I am a Health enthusiast, A metabolic weight management coach, An event producer, An Emcee. I enjoy Life!


  1. Nur A'minahtul Mardiah bt Md Nor

    Hye there,

    We are Kartika visions from Creative Dreams International. We are on a project of Empowering People
    named, Project Success Academy KV6. This Seminar is done for FREE.
    i) VISION
    a. Creating Innovative leaders for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
    b. Grooming Successful ,Competitive and Ambitious Entrepreneurs

    ii) MISSION
    a. Providing Business platform to kick start Entrepreneurship
    b. Designating a Business Coach for every new Entrepreneurs
    c. Designing and implementing individual plan of action(system)
    d. Integrating existing Team to assist and help create environment for new entrepreneurs to excel.

    So, How can we work together ? Can we meet up to discuss?


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