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Why Join SWEPA

Why Join SWEPA

Women helping women. Be Do Have. To Learn, To Grow, To Lead. These may seem like just some  fancy words, except that its not. The women of SWEPA don’t just come up with great sounding words, they actually live up to it. Since joining SWEPA, I have certainly been blessed to experience first hand the wonderful benefits of joining this dynamic group of women. So if you’re wondering what this SWEPA is all about and thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’ ,read on for just some of the great stuff you’ll be in for:

1. You get to hang out with some of the coolest, most successful, and most beautiful women in town.

2. You get to learn about business skills, finance, leadership skills, and basically tips to help you to get to the top.

3. You have the opportunity to network with other women.

4. You get to promote your business and / or your passion ( or if you’re lucky, your business IS your passion)

5. You get to help other women by sharing your expertise & your experience.

6. Girls just wanna have fun…and in SWEPA, you will have lots of fun, in the midst of all the learning and growing.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will gain by joining SWEPA. Still undecided? Stay tuned for our upcoming events and join us, to get a taste of just  how much you can learn and grow with SWEPA!

About Amelia Inbam

Amelia is the new SWEPA Secretary who's having a great time learning & growing with all the amazing SWEPA ladies. She's a speech therapist who is passionate about helping people (especially kids!) speak better. She's blessed with 2 lovely kids & a hunky hubby ;)

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